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Medical equipment food machinery


The working conditions of medical equipment and food machinery are clean, corrosive, safe, high reliability, high speed, etc. The outstanding performance requirements for bearings are pollution-free, long life, corrosion resistance, and high speed. Through optimizing materials and design, Zhengsheng Bearing has developed special medical equipment bearing series and food machinery bearing series for medical equipment and food machinery in special application environments, providing foreign customers with a variety of pollution-free, long-life, corrosion-resistant, high Technical solutions for speed bearings.

Application parts: Dental drill handsets, central kitchen equipment, slaughter equipment, etc.

Industry pain point solutions

High speed: The rotation speed of the dental drill handpiece is as high as 300,000-500,000 rpm, and the size is controlled with high precision according to the characteristics of the working conditions, using high-precision ceramic balls, etc.;

Corrosion: Use 440C steel, vacuum heat treatment, etc.