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Semiconductor manufacturing equipment


Semiconductor manufacturing equipment is mainly liquid crystal panel manufacturing equipment, chip manufacturing equipment, and solar cell manufacturing equipment. The working conditions are high temperature, clean, low dust, corrosion, etc. The outstanding performance requirements for bearings are high temperature resistance, low dust generation and corrosion resistance. Through optimizing materials and design, Zhengsheng Bearing has developed a dedicated semiconductor bearing series for semiconductor manufacturing equipment in special application environments to provide foreign customers with a variety of technical solutions for high temperature, low dust and corrosion resistant bearings.

Application areas: LCD panel manufacturing equipment, chip manufacturing equipment, solar cell manufacturing equipment, etc.

Industry pain point solutions

High temperature resistance: Use high temperature resistant steel, nano ceramics and other new high temperature resistant materials according to the characteristics of the working conditions;

Low dust generation: Low dust generation grease imported from Japan;

Corrosion resistance: Nano ceramics, plastics, stainless steel and other materials are used to meet corrosion resistance.